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miketalkwith Michael Ray Kimble of Teak Solutions

Teak is a renewable resource which when grown, harvested and manufactured conscientiously, can produce a high quality product and at the same time the industry can be considered friendly to our earth and forests.
Alternative teak sustainability plans will soon be enacted and as of 3 March 2013, the EU Timber Regulationwill prohibit the first placing of illegally produced wood products on the EU market. The new Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan sets out a range of measures available to the EU and its Member States to tackle illegal logging in the world’s forests.

We had a green talk with Michael Ray Kimble of Teak Solutions about this issue and the effects upon the yachting industry.

EY: Are the synthetic decking choices more inexpensive than natural teak?

MK: Not for our clients. A megayacht owner that decides to put synthetic decks on his/her yacht may save up to 30% on the job but the de-valuation in general of the yacht is much greater, therefore it ends up as a larger loss. Some owners out there wouldn't consider it as a valid option. My thoughts are that the quality teak industry, if consciously run, will keep on insuring a renewable resource.

EY: So you suggest that promoting certified natural teak is a way to preserve forests against indiscriminate de-forestation?

MK: In some ways it is. For the last 10 years no Burmese teak could have been certified as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) compliant...