Blueline Teak cleaner properties and application

Forget itchy splashed of your acid teak cleaner and long waits in boots, finally our One compnent teak  product is ready and available on our e-shop page starting today. Please read more about the characteristics and composition of this new line of Yacht Care products engineered by Nature and customized by yachting professionals.

TEAK- One component Cleaner and Brightener - Exclusive formula
Properties and applications
Our one component Teak cleaner and brightener provides fast and intense cleaning on teak decks and the essential oils provides a fast and non aggressive brightening effects that makes old surfaces looks like new. Shows dust and water repellent properties wet surfaces dry spotless. Already diluted on a spray nozzle makes a perfect window cleaner too for its antistatic effects.
Provides excellent cleaning, and colour enhancement on a variety of wooden surfaces. Surfaces cleaned with Blueline's TEAK dry without streaks and spots even without additional dry wiping. Blueline's TEAK gives good water repellency and protects wooden floors and laminates from moisture. Cleaned decks do not become slippery
Offers dust prevention on different surfaces.Treated surfaces offer a pleasant, non-greasy touch.

I have finally gotten around to using it and I love it! It gets all the dirt out, you should of seen our scuppers! After 4 days of practice for the Perini Cup and then 3 days of racing... You can imagine the state of the decks. It went on easy and it was easy on my hands and feet too, the color of the teak after squeegee and chamois was beautiful. Not only that I can see the stain resistant qualities it has. When I rinse the teak after a salty trip the water beads on the teak and then gets absorbed. It's fantastic and I'll definitely be interested in a lot more of this avocado oil teak cleaner! 

Ross, Bosun- Perseus 3
Composition: is a concentrated emulsion containing avocado oil and a silicone emulsifier. It is free of silicone oils.
Avocado oil
Steam extracted from the pulp of the avocado fruit, this oil is high in monounsaturated fat that is known for its healing and regenerative properties. Avocado oil is commonly used as massage oil and has properties that rebuild the skin cells as well as improve the elasticity in skin and has antiseptic qualities.
Polishes, nourishes and cleans any wood surface turning them back to the natural look. Its antistatic effect do not let the deck charge with electrostatic energy so avoids dust and salt adhesions to the deck and keeps it clean longer. 
The Avocado Oil penetrates perfectly into fiber of the teak wood because its molecular structure is the same os the natural teak Oil present generally on the top of your Teak Deck. With a deep natural action while cleansing it gently removes the dead cell of the wood that dies for the UV rays and for the walking and doing so regenerate the natural color nourishing its fibers by a natural non bleachy process that do not affects teak soft grain.
It can be used perfectly safe on barefoot in half time and absolutely doesn't damage the marine environment and plus does not contain any foaming agents that can block oxygen to reach deeper water life forms.
Preparation, Dilution and Instructions.
Ready-to-use dilution: approx. 60 ml/5 l.This Teak cleaner and brightener is highly concentrated to save space on board and from 1 lt of product you can make approx. 85 litres of ready made detergent.
Fill the bucket with product first and add the desired amount of water.Apply directly on wet deck, with soft brush or doodle pads depending on the state of teak and brush in circular sense, let it stay at least 5 minutes and rinse off generously.

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