Arcadia Yachts has the pleasure to announce that all new entry model SHERPA was officially on display for its world premiere during the 2016 edition of Boot Dusseldorf (23-31 January 2016  )with the Open Deck superstructure/two cabin internal layout– HALL 6 – stand A21.

The production of the entry level SHERPA is part of the recent extension of Arcadia Yachts’ GRP range. Together  with  the  Arcadia  100  (presently  under  construction),  the  yard’s  GRP  family  line  is  as  follows:SHERPA  -  ARCADIA  85  –  ARCADIA  85S  -  ARCADIA  100  -  ARCADIA  115.  All  models  are  built  using dedicated molds, one for each model. In addition, the yard will unveil details about production plans for full-displacement steel/aluminum yachts from 135' up to 150'. Launch is scheduled for spring 2016. At this time there are several and serious negotiations on this unit form different countries.

ARCADIA SHERPA - LAYOUT Extremely  flexible  layout:  one,  two  and  three  cabin  versions  – Sherpa  has  been  designed  to  get  the maximum in layout flexibility- A 41 square meter (441 square feet) cockpit – the same as the Arcadia 85- Convertible Sport flying-bridge “easy-to-close” upper deck area with automatic up/down window system - At full displacement a speed of 12 knots, with a consumption of apx. 43 liters/hour- 4KW of solar panel energy- Waste water treatment- Eco antifouling SHERPA is a “forward thinking design yacht”. A 16.8m yacht with an exceptional 5.60m beam. A compact size with all the key features of larger yachts in the same range: exterior/interior spaces, a high-performance and efficient hull, well lit and modern interiors. SHERPA can be favorably compared with much larger yachts (65 ft) by its LWL (15.53m) and beam (5.60m) as no extra lengths are considered (bathing platforms and bow rake) because still included in the hull shape. The efficient length to beam ratio of the specific NPL hull also contributes to an upgraded yacht size for SHERPA. The incredible volume of the yacht is certainly a winning factor for potential clients of this size and range.

FLEXIBILITY AND LAYOUT One of the primary objectives of Arcadia SHERPA was to obtain the maximum in lay out flexibility. The yard offers a series of configurations according to different needs: day cruiser, shadow boat, support vessel for seafront villas or mega-yachts, mini yacht, day boat, fisherman, etc. There are two superstructure options:open deck and salon deck. SHERPA also offers several interior layouts with one, two or three cabin.Open boat version with main deck free of any furniture can be configured as support vessel for seafront villas or mega-yachts. If an owner needs aboat for a daily use, an open deck configuration with a single owners cabin would be preferred. If short or long cruising is the desired use, an owner with a young family would adapt a two or three cabin layout.

SHERPA.NPL HULL AND PERFORMANCE SHERPA can be used both for day cruising or for very long-range cruising (ocean fishing and sightseeing).Thanks  to  her  high  performance  semi-displacement  NPL  hull  -  which  offers  significant  savings  in  fuel consumption – and together with the additional fuel tank compartment, extended cruising capabilities are guaranteed. The NPL hull type is a specific hull named after the National Physical Laboratory of England,where  tests  were  conducted  to  determine  the  best  ratio  of  length  to  beam  in  terms  of  hydrodynamic efficiency. This advanced hull, together with lightweight superstructures, allow very satisfying performance with low-power engines. The new Arcadia SHERPA - with Volvo Penta IPS 600  engines – has a top speed of about 25 knots, with a cruising speed of 20 knots. At 20 knots, fuel consumption is apx. 97 liters per hour, and at 12 knots (top displacement speed), this decreases to about 43 liters per hour. Volvo IPS propulsion guarantees proven maneuverability and outstanding  silence. Cruising range is also favored by low generator usage thanks to the 4KW of electrical energy supplied by the solar panels that cover almost the entire superstructure.

ADDITIONAL ENERGY FROM SOLAR PANELS  Solar cells of latest generation are integrated between the external and internal surfaces of double-glazed panels fitted on top of the largest part of the superstructure. This advanced and ecological system supplies enough  power  (4KW)  to  run  equipment  and  electrical  systems:  refrigerators,  water  circulation,  toilettes,lights,  Audio/Video,  electronics,  recharging  batteries.  Each  double  glazed  panel  contains  a  special  gas named Krypton, which guarantees a high insulation coefficient, between 18° and 24° of thermal cooling between interior and exterior temperatures, the equivalent of a 20cm brick wall.

LIMITED RUNNING COSTS The added value found in environmentally friendly efficiency factors – standard key values of all Arcadiamodels – reaches a new height with the SHERPA and confirms the yard's attention towards limiting runnincosts. These benefits become quite clear when considering that on-board energy consumption is almostcompletely  met  by  the  4kw  of  energy  supplied  by  the  Sherpa's  solar  panels.  Her  properly  engineeredpropulsion and lightweight NPL hull shape, coupled with the solar panel energy output, provide the Sherpawith very competitive operating costs.


ECOTHINK  -A “ green” approach reflects in everything we do in our everyday life, at work and when making big decisions. This is a lifestyle that Arcadia Yachts has managed to bring into the nautical sector, the idea combining functional design and “ethical sense” with appreciation and respect for the environment. An “ecological idea” which translates into eco-friendly solutions, that reduces consumption and environmental impact. To enjoy the sea in a more free and responsible way. Because the future of yachting is a little greener everyday.

ECOTECH  -The most advanced technological research and the best Italian creativity to generate innovative and efficient solutions which define a new “sustainable” frontier in yachting:

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN with a distinct personal touch, to better integrate shapes and components and reach the highest eco-friendlyperformance; > Double glazed PANELS integrated within the superstructure - this feature ensures maximum comfort while recharging the batteriesand powering all utilities and services on-board. This is the only way to reduce the use of generators; >  

HYDRODYNAMIC  EFFICIENCY  of  the  semi-displacement  hull  which  requires  only  limited  engine  power,  guaranteeing  low consumption, emissions and maintenance costs;

SOPHISTICATED SYSTEMS which provide waste water treatment to avoid pollution; > Optional HYBRID PROPULSION to sail up to 8 knots with “zero emissions” in absolute silence; 

ARCADIA ASSEMBLING SYSTEM which minimises the production of waste materials during building and painting stages and helps reduce construction times. THE SHIPYARD – The yard is located in the heart of the Mediterranean: a 36.000 square metre facility where craftsmanship, modern technologies, attention to detail and the surrounding environment are perfectly blended together. 



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