Holistic Hospitality serves as an online shopping service for superyachts with a strong focus on holistic, natural and marine life friendly products.

The principal philosophy behind the online company was born in 2005 while the founders, Ellen Oerlemans and Laureth Rumble were working on a ‘health conscious’ yacht in the Mediterranean.

During the IHT Clean Energy forum held in Barcelona we had the pleasure to meet Dominique Raphaël Domjan Initiator and Expedition Leader of PlanetSolar, the first Solar Boat to complete the world tour entirely on solar power. Dominique is a man of conviction, that made his dream come true with passion showing us that a different kind of sailing is possible with nowadays technology  and that we deserve to have a cleaner ocean. Here's eco-yacht's chat with him:

This is the first in a series of interviews that will address these issues. Captain John Olson discusses the RO water filtration installation for drinking water that was recently completed onboard D’Natalin, a 151 Delta. Many captains and industry professionals are now reviewing the impact of crew practices and existing onboard systems and how they are effecting both the environment and the boss’s pocketbook. 

Mr. Holger Hamann talks with Ecoyachts about his company, Holger Hamann Consulting GmbH , one of the most respected enviro friendly consultancies for mega yachts.

Teak is a renewable resource which when grown, harvested and manufactured conscientiously, can produce a high quality product and at the same time the industry can be considered friendly to our earth and forests.

Alternative teak sustainability plans will soon be enacted and as of 3 March 2013, the EU Timber Regulation will prohibit the first placing of illegally produced wood products on the EU market. The new Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan sets out a range of measures available to the EU and its Member States to tackle illegal logging in the world’s forests.

We had a green talk with Michael Ray Kimble of Teak Solutions about this issue and the effects upon the yachting industry.

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