World Oceans Day :10 Ways To make your Yacht Green(er)

Once again here comes our beloved World Ocean Day, the 8th of June every year we keep on remind ourselves that the oceans are endangered and we keep on making pledges and promises to protect it from our wrong habits and misconceptions. This year we won’t remind you how bad things are, we have enough data and articles about that, this year we want to have a positive approach

and remind us what we CAN do, solutions rather than problems.

With the great help of institutions like Sailors for the Sea this year we show you 10 Ways To make your Yacht Green(er) so that you can start making some baby step towards that direction.

A thanks again to all the team of Sailors for the Sea for making this possible and spreading the culture in our industry. From Sailors for the Sea – Join them in the race to restore ocean health!

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1. Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

You love your boat and want to keep it clean. But finding a good non-toxic cleaner can be difficult. Don’t worry, Sailors for the Sea has you covered, and will help you find a product that is ideal for your boat, your health and the environment. Remember:swap when you can good old elbow grease instead of harsh chemicals it is always a better option for the sea and its inhabitants.Salt water and a good scrub can make miracles on a worn out grey teak deck! Find the best green products>>

2. Spillproof Fueling

Whether your fuelling the jet ski, your dinghy or the big boat, proper fueling smells better, looks better and prevents any possible fines from fuel spillage. Recommendation #1 - always have fuel absorbent bibs, collars and rags on hand when planning to fill up and check out other Sailors for the Sea’s spillproof fueling tips.

3. Blackwater

Sewage discharge from marine heads can cause significant damage to surrounding waters and not to mention is illegal when close to shore. Discover different ways to manage blackwater on your vessel and what regulations you may need to follow. Plus remember too that Grey waters too have great impacts, so always bear in mind to use Eco laundry cleaner without fosfates. Learn more>>

4. Vacation Carbon Footprint

When you’re deciding where to go on your vacation, chances are that you choose a destination partly due to the beautiful environment. Tourism is dependent on intact ecosystems. Tropical beaches, vibrant coral reefs, beautiful vistas and other natural elements are key motivators for vacation choices. Help protect these beautiful places by offsetting your airplane flights. Flights have large carbon footprints, but only cost around $30 to offset. Start offsetting>>

5. Renewable Energy Sources

Join the wave of the future, whether on land or on shore, renewable energy is beneficial to the environment and makes your yacht look good. Whether you’re interested in making electricity from the sun, wind or water, there’s a way to make it happen on your boat! Of course is needless to say that is always a good policy to try to avoid wasting energy in displaying always full on “christmas tree lights” or underwater lights on your yacht every night. Find out how>>

6. Bottom Antifouling Paint

Many boats use copper-based bottom paints, which can harm aquatic wildlife. Learn about eco-friendly alternatives that will lessen your boat’s environmental impact. Bonus – this can save you money in the long run, as many countries are starting to ban the use of copper-based bottom paints. Learn more>>

7. Sustainable Seafood

More than 75% of the world’s fisheries are either fully fished or overfished. If you caught the fish yourself, with a line and poll, chances are it is sustainable. But if your eating at a restaurant or purchasing from a local market there are a few simple ways you can ask to find out if the fish you want to eat was caught sustainably. Learn more>>

8. Boating Near Marine Wildlife

Nothing is more exciting than seeing a whale while out on a boat! Except for the Captain that is. Ensure that you have a memorable experience for your guests without disturbing marine wildlife by following Sailors for the Sea’s few simple guidelines. Remember at sea we are all guests so next time WATCH before your Drop (Your anchor).

9. Invasive Species Prevention

Boats can take simple precautions to prevent non-native plants and animals from spreading and causing harm to new habitats and native species. Just in the United States, there are over 4,500 species of invasive plants and animals, and this is a problem every country battles. Find out how you can be part of the solution.

10. Waste Disposal and Recycling

We saved the simplest for last. But notice the order! Particularly when traveling, recycling may not always be around – so start by reducing the amount of single use items you bring on board, reuse them when possible, and then recycle as needed. Buy in bulks, avoid the use of extra small packagings, never buy fresh fruits wrapped in plastic and ask your marina where are the closest recycling facilities.

Upon this helpful list i just feel to add my personal last tip: Whenever at sea or on the beach, scuba diving surfing or whatever make sure you

always recollect floating plastic debris whenever is possibile. Even if it’s not your thrash it is your sea, so we all are responsible.EcoYachts
A small gesture can lead to great results and can inspire many, even your next guests on board.

Act every day like it’s World Ocean Day.

Many Thanks to Hilary and Shelley from Sailor for the seas. Keep up the good work.


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