SEACLEAN Diesel particulate filter

Diesel engine soot pollution has become a major factor in increased maintenance costs for yachts and other motor vessels. The soot and unburned fuel released during generator operation at low loads is the most problematic. A 99kW generator installed on a yacht before 2012 is allowed to produce over 700 grams (more than 1.5 pounds) of particulate matter (primarily soot) per day.

Depending on which way the wind is blowing, many of those nanoparticles of soot will imbed themselves in microscopic pores that are present in even the highest quality hull finish. The results are staining and damage from attempts to remove accumulations of soot and other particles discharged with generator exhaust. The SeaClean Diesel Particulate Filter System captures up to 95 percent of the soot and other particulates in the exhaust flow that would otherwise be discharged into the atmosphere.

Soot particles plus unburned fuel and lubricating oil are trapped by the filter medium and reduced to carbon dioxide and water vapor. Inorganic particulates originating in lubricating oil additives and produced through normal engine wear are retained in the filter and removed by periodic mechanical cleaning. Reduction of trapped soot and unburned hydrocarbons on the filter medium is called regeneration. Unlike other particulate filters, which depend on high generator loads to create exhaust temperatures high enough to initiate regeneration, the SeaClean Diesel Particulate Filter System uses excess generator capacity to electrically heat exhaust gas before it enters the filter housing. Exhaust is delivered to the filter at the correct temperature to initiate regeneration and thereby eliminate soot and the hydrocarbons associated with diesel smells and oil slicks.


•The Patent Pending SeaClean system is the only one on the market with variable pre-heater technology.

•Maintains constant exhaust gas temperatures to provide regeneration throughout a wide range of loads.

•Only System manufacturer to provide on-site engineering, evaluation and installation.

•SeaClean’s modular design can be used to upgrade your existing system so that it works, as it should.

•Competitively Priced


The filter is infused with a high-sulfur tolerant catalyst that chemically reduces most particulates to water vapor and carbon dioxide. The inorganic particulates remaining are trapped in the filter body and can be removed by annual mechanical cleaning.

SeaClean uses excess generator capacity to maintain high generator exhaust temperatures to oxidize offensive exhaust pollution, which eliminates the need for load banks and their cooling systems.

“One of the main selling points is that - unlike anybody else in the market – we provide a one-stop-shop solution. We travel all over the world to see exactly what a vessel needs, then we design the system, fabricate the components and provide the installation,” starts Lang. “We also train the crew in how to operate and maintain the system. Right now nobody else offers this complete service.”

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