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For those who have been believing that drinking bottled water is safer than tap water in most western countries then it is time to readjust your beliefs. Statistics show that bottled water quality production is pretty much unregulated whereas the quality of what come out of our taps is scrutinized and quality controlled for safe consumption. In addition the BPA (Bisphenol-A) toxic chemical

that is leached from the pre packaged plastic has been linked to all kinds of cancers. Did you also know that MOST bottled water comes from the SAME sources that our tap water comes from!

 With more than 28,000,000,000 plastic water bottles produced and thrown away in a year worldwide, it is creating a hugh environmental problem due to improper disposal of the plastic. The manufacture of these bottles uses 17,000,000 barrels of oil enough to power approx 100,000 medium sized cars for a year. In addition the production of the bottles produces 2,500,000 tons of CO2. All of this at a cost of $100,000,000,000 per year. That is 100 BILLION dollars!

   A fraction of this cost could go toward the production of safer drinking water and sanitation for those who do not have the luxury of clean safe tap water.
   Do your part. Use filtered tap water and purchase a sports bottle. Stop lugging those cases of bottled water around and help our environment. It will also save you LOTS of money!

Blog - taken from Dockwalk – 21/07/2009
posted by: Ecoyachts
   It is a very easy and cost effective solution for yacht crew to stop purchasing cases of pre packaged bottle water and instead use personal refillable sports bottles with filtered water. Most yachts have great filtered water onboard and if not, it can be very easy and cost effect to install filtration in various forms or a small reverse osmosis unit  that provides very tasty and safe drinking water.
Benefits from doing this:

•  Costs are significantly less
•  Crew don't have to spend the time (and energy)carrying the cases to and onboard the yacht
•  Frees up stowage space onboard for other things
•  Frees up space in the refrigerators onboard for other things
•  The plastic bottles use peterolium to make them so less petroleum is used - (can you image if everyone stopped using pre-packaged water bottles)
•  Less chance for the plastic bottles to find their way to the sea or the environment - have you heard about the Pacific Blob of plastics and debris?
•  Personal satisfaction that you are helping our planet. None-the-less it is a very responsible and pro-active thing to do.

   This is only one example of how crew can conduct their everyday lives in a more environmentally friendly manner. There are hundreds of small everyday things that crew can do to improve their impact on the environment with little to no xtra effort, just a re-adjusting of their everyday habits and mindset.
   Awareness is the key and the starting point. So don't let the fact that you work on a gas guzzling yacht stop you from doing your part anyway. Many crew are already on the path and the numbers are growing everyday. Just read our industry publications and you will see some of the examples. Are you ready to join the REAL professionals who are already doing this?
posted by: Susie Sunshine  22/07/2009
   About the water bottles.....
As a deckie, I have limited control over what happens onboard; however I try to have an impact. So I asked about the water coming out of the tap and why we can't drink it. The answer was, we can. So then I asked why we're using the plastic bottles. Its because we have money in the budget to do so, its "convenient" (on that not I beg to differ), and the engineer doesn't necessarily trust the filters. So I asked the captain about this and he said, well the water should be fine, but why take a chance??!! So I asked the stewardess which fridge I could keep my refillable bottle in. I was told there's really not much room for it (although undoubtedly there would be if all those plastic bottles weren't taking up space). So I guess what I asking for is a way to give some FACTS and PROVE that our filtration system is working so I can hit the others with some hard evidence. Hopefully with that behind me, I can persuade the others to forego the bottles (and perhaps use that money for other crew drinks instead)! =) Where can I go or what can I do to get our water tested? Thanks, any answers would help!

Posted by: Ecoyachts  23/07/2009
   Hello Susie Sunshine,
Thank you for being pro-active about the non use of disposable plastic bottled water onboard the yacht that you work on.
You don't have to "Go" anywhere to ge the water onboard tested. Just Google "water test kits" and many sites come up with various very inexpensive test kits. A couple of the sites are: and
   The water that you drink onboard most yachts is better than even the water that comes out of the source from the dock because it is most often filtered again by a charcoal filter system, an ultra violet system or on many yachts they even use sophisticated filter systems similar to what the major drinking water suppliers use. If your engineer is doing his job he should have a scheduled maintenance plan onboard for all systems. This would include the replacement of the expendable water filters, water testing and water tank inspection or cleaning during some yard periods, which on most yachts is not a difficult thing to do. If he isn't doing these things then he is lax in his job. Remember, water that comes from your tanks also showers you, you brush your teeth with it, it washes raw vegetables that you eat (like lettuce) and it also washes your hands. If your water doesn’t test to be safe, then one or all of the above was not attended to. It is as simple as that. With proper filtration and maintenance of the system the water would also taste really good.
   I am sure all crew will be happy not to have to lug all of those xtra cases of water onboard and those responsible for replenishing the refrigerator won't have to do that anymore nor will the garbage fill up with the plastic especially if everyone is drinking large quantities of water. On top of that all can feel that they are acting responsibly in a small and easy effort to help the oceans that we crew are all so fond of.
There is so much available on the internet about this. Just do random Goolge searches and you will find all sorts of information. And please, share it with your captain and crew.
   If you care to contact me with more information email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Oddly enough many people don't even know that much of the pre packaged bottled water COMES FROM THE SAME PLACE AS TAP WATER!!! It is not special AT ALL!! In fact the disposable bottles are made with a chemical called BPA (under much controversy in recent years) and this chemical has been known to leach into the bottled water so bottled water is usually tainted with it. Therefore, do not use these bottles to refill with water. I suggest purchasing two sports bottles (one for the fridge) either made of stainless steel or a safe plastic like HDPE that is also recyclable. If all of the crew onboard do this I am sure there would be more space in your fridge for other things.

Posted by: abouis 23/07/2009
   Ditto on the water bottles. I run a 44' charter catamaran (yes 44 feet not meters) but we strive to be green as well! Anyway do you think we have space for water bottles?? No way!! I installed an active-carbon drinking water filter under the sink and bingo, no more hauling cases of bottled water from the store and no more plastic waste filling up our trash hatch and our landfills!

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